All are welcome to visit our Abbey and to join us in our daily praise of God. As contemplative Benedictine nuns, we pray the full Divine Office which consists of seven prayer services held throughout the day. All of our prayer services are open to the public and we welcome the participation of our guests in any part of our daily public prayer. See our schedule of services:

Liturgy Schedule

Our dining room services are generally only open to retreatants and volunteers. See our retreat house information:

Retreat House

 What else can you see on a visit to the Abbey?

  • Our Church is open at all times to the public for anyone who wishes to pray in it.
  • Our Gift Shop is open Monday through Saturday: 9:30 am-11:30 am and 1:00 pm-4:30 pm.
  • Parts of our land are open to the public for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. A popular walk is our "Way of the Cross" which goes up a hill the overlooks our entire valley.
The Stations of the Cross


What to Wear:

We ask that all who come into our Church dress modestly.

  • No low cut shirts
  • No shorts
  • All skirts must be knee length or longer

You don't have to "dress up": jeans and a t-shirt are fine as long as they cover the body appropriately