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 Suggested Reading:

 And You are Christ's by Thomas Dubay

 Union With God by Bl. Columba Marmion, OSB

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 The Meaning of Vocation by Bl. John Paul II

Is God Calling You
to Be a Nun?

The first words of the Rule of St. Benedict are, "Listen, O child, .. and incline the ear of your heart". The rest of the Prologue and 73 short chapters proceed to outline a way of life, sprung from the precepts of the New Testament, that will gently rend our hearts wide open, in order to be "overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love" (Prologue 49).

The Rule is oriented around these main principles: humility, obedience, silence, order and balance, and discretion...for it is through these practices that St. Benedict better came to know Christ.

Central to the Benedictine vocation are the words from the letter to the Philippians: Christ "emptied Himself and took the form of a slave.... He was known to be of human estate, and it was thus that He humbled Himself,  obediently accepting even death, death on a cross!" (Phil. 2:7-8) St. Benedict took this humble, obedient Lamb of God as the archetype of our monastic lives, calling his own teachings a "little rule for beginners" who are "hastening to their heavenly homeland". (RB 73:8) It is to this that the woman who desires to become a Benedictine nun grafts herself.


But how does one KNOW that this is her call? The urgings of a "still, small whisper" in the heart and mind are the normal means. SomeOne is unsettling her by His persistent knocking, the quality of which drowns out all other desires, legitimate and lovely though they may be.  What also helps someone to know whether she might be called here is whether it is the "right fit"...whether she has the qualities that we feel are necessary for this way of service. These are simply a first indication.

After a woman enters the community, she has several years of initial formation during which to discern further before she makes a permanent commitment. Any candidate for religious life must have love for God, for the Church, and for all people. Good mental and emotional health are necessary to make a mature response to God's invitation.

In addition, our applicants generally:

 -are between the ages of 19 and 35

-have at least a high school education and some work experience

 -have the physical strength and stamina for hard work and a regulated schedule

 -have no extant commitments or debts

 -show aptitude for community living and for chanting the Divine Office

 Could God be calling you to be a nun? Would you like more information about our community, or would you like to make an inquiry visit?

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